Cynthia Gayle-Hutchison – Founder and Owner – Cindy is originally from Evansville, Indiana. After graduating from Purdue University with a Mathematics and Accounting Degree, she moved to South Florida and opened “Cynthia Gayle’s School of Dance”. The Dance school became one of the most successful studios in the area with over 400 students, including 100 dancers on the Dance Performance Competition Team. Each year, the Dance Company Team participated in 3 regional and one national competitions. The team also alternated performances of The Nutcracker and performing at Disney World or a Cruise Ship Extravaganza. When Cindy and her family decided to relocate to Western North Carolina, she turned her studio over to a former student and the studio is still thriving today under the name ‘Xpress Yourself Dance Studio’.

Cindy’s Mission
“Providing excellent instruction for students while encouraging the students’ self-esteem and having fun!”

This was her mission in South Florida and she has brought it with her to Burnsville. Cindy and her family (Chuck and their daughter Taylor Hutchison moved to the the Burnsville in 2007 and they look forward to many more years of teaching and performing in the Yancey County area.

Chuck Hutchison – Karate Instructor- Chuck was born in Miami, Florida, where he started his training in Martial Arts at the age of 13. He has been a certified Black belt by the KO AM MU DO Federation since 2002, and currently holds a second degree black belt ( chokyonim ) He very passionate in the true philosophy of the Ancient Art. When Cindy opened ‘Dance Express’ in Burnsville, Chuck offered a class in Karate/Tae Kwon Do. The class was so successful that the studio changed it’s name to ‘Dance and Karate Express’ Chuck’s passion and energetic teaching style has been inspirational to his students and many of them have progressed from white belt all the way to Deputy Black Belt. Chuck is very proud of his students’ success and continues to encourage them to grow and learn the positive effects of martial art training.

Debbie Cromeans – Dance Instructor – Debbie is a native of Texas. She opened her first dance school when she was 18 years old and continued teaching until moving to Burnsville. Her studio also competed in regional and national dance competitions. Debbie and Cindy first met in South Florida at a dance competition and reunited when Cindy moved to Burnsville. Debbie has since become a huge part of ‘Dance and Karate Express’. Debbie is proficient in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, Lyrical, Acrobatics, and Ballroom. She has coached many young ladies in preparation for beauty pageants and talent competitions. Debbie is a Former Rockette and has worked with many famous choreographers and teachers from around the country. We are very grateful to have an instructor with so many exceptional abilities on our staff. Debbie shares her love of dance with her students and they continue to have fun and grow in her classes.

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