Dance Classes

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Tiny Toe’s: Is a creative class for our youngest Dancer’s combining language, counting and coordination skills. Pom-poms, Teddy Bears & Bean bags are just a few of the props used to make this class FUN!

Preschool: Is a combination class including Pre-Ballet and Tap. Students learn the basic of movement while dancing to music they love.

Tap: Is a form of Dance in which a tapping sound is made when metal plates on the Dancer’s shoes touch a hard surface because the dancer’s make sound, they are considered percussive musicians.

Jazz: Is a form of Dance that showcases a Dancer’s individual style and originality. Jazz dancing is energetic & fun consisting of unique moves, Fancy footwork, big leaps & quick turns.

Ballet: Is a classical form of dance which focuses on developing technique, grace & precision. Ballet is an essential part of any Dancer’s training.

Pointe: Is a form of Ballet presented on the tips of the toes made possible by specialized shoes.

Lyrical: Is a fusion of Ballet and Jazz dance techniques. Lyrical dance challenges dancers to use motion to interpret music & express motion.

Hip-Hop: Refers to dance styles, mainly street dance styles, primarily danced to hip-hop music. Hip-Hop is characterized by a series of rhythmic movements that can range from smooth & fluid to strong and hard hitting performed in sync to the beat of tempo of the music

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