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KO AM MU DO / Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts

KO AM MU DO is a modern Korean Martial Art which has taken 2000 years to evolve. It is a combination of several traditional martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do, Hapki Do, Jiu Jitsu, and weapon techniques. It incorporates both mental and physical aspects. It teaches meditation, proper breathing, kicking and punching. It utilizes joint locking, pressure point strikes, rolling and grappling techniques and use of weapons (Nunchucks, Wooden & Bamboo Sword, Wooden Sticks/Bong)

“KO” is the mental aspect of the art .

It means Heaven or Sky and refers to a person’s personal dreams, visions and goals. It develops a student’s discipline, respect and patience. It encourages goal setting and allows a student to develop his own philosophy. More knowledge leads to higher goals. This relates to martial arts goals and your goals in life as well. Ko is represented by a circle and the color red, a symbol of positive energy.

“AM” means “Rock Mountain” or Earth in Korean.

This is symbolic in many ways. It is the persistence, strength, patience, and energy of the art. The student is determining to achieve his or her goals. Hard work, failing and trying again is part of the plan. Through training and discipline they know they will reach their goals. As you need ambition, persistence and determination to climb a mountain, so too to move through the ranks of white to black belts. As climbing one mountain leads to another,so does one belt lead to another. As you can gain experience from climbing a mountain, both good and bad. You gain experience from KO AM MU DO. Nothing happens until you actually do something. This becomes the action philosophy of the martial arts. This action leads to more knowledge. As you gain more experience and knowledge, your goals get higher. This relates to your goals in life as well. The good experiences might be performing a good technique or form, or winning at sparring or at a competition. The bad experience might be an injury or an embarrassing moment. In any event you will gain experience and therefore be a better, stronger person. Respect the mountain, have patience and use your concentration and focus. This is how to climb the mountain and learn KO AM MU DO as well.

“MU” means “Martial Arts” it is the strength or power and the physical aspect of the art.

You will develop accuracy, balance and coordination. You will increase your power and develop a good foundation to build upon with solid techniques. The experiences will lead to an increase in courage, self-confidence and self esteem. The Mu is represented by a sphere and the color blue.

“DO” means “The Way” in Korean.

It is the essence of the art. It is the philosophical way. It manifests after through training in the martial arts. The student practices, theorizes and practices again. After much practice the student finds his own answers. The “DO” is the spirit with which the martial art student undertakes his journey. It becomes his or her way of life. It is represented by the triangle.

What is KO AM MU DO Doctrine?

1. Courtesy (ye yi)
2. Modesty (Yom Chi)
3. Perseverance (In Nae)
4. Self- Control (Guk Gi)
5. Indomitable Spirit ( Baekjul Boolgool)

Philosophy of the Belts

• White – Potential- Represents a beginning, a foundation. Search for honesty and truth, .
• Yellow- Obedience- Energy and brightness, as from the Sun and maturation.
• Orange- Loyalty- Aspiration, searching for more techniques.
• Green-Aspiration-Growth and power soar to new levels.
• Purple – Patience – Developing strong roots.
• Blue-Integrity-More knowledge, respect, loyalty, energy, growth and techniques.
• Brown-Diligence-Power, stability & Wisdom.
• Red-Courage-Power and energy.

What does Tae Kwon Do mean?

“Tae”-Leg in Korean“Kwon”-Fist in Korean

“Do”-The Art -The Way in Korean

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